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DSTV Installation Johannesburg

Professional, Affordable, Quality DSTV Installations!

DSTV Installation Johannesburg we first started offering DSTV installation services in Johannesburg in 2006, there after we realized challenges that customers were facing when it came to getting DSTV.

We have been working through the years to ensure that all our customers can easily get DSTV installed without any issues and also make it easy for future upgrades.

We provide customers with the following DSTV installation services:

  • Extra View
  • Explora
  • Triple View
  • DSTV Maintenance
  • DSTV Support

DSTV that is made for you!

At DSTV Installation Johannesburg we provide tailor made DSTV installation services that are meant to give our customers the flexibility they need to get any type of DSTV service anywhere.

Other DSTV related services include:

  • DVB-T Modulations
  • RF Engineering
  • DSTV Distributed Systems

At DSTV Installation Johannesburg we are always in tune with everything happening from MultiChoice in order to ensure that we are getting the best and latest from DSTV to add value to our service offering for our customers.

DSTV Installation Johannesburg has over 15 years in the DSTV industry and we are still the one’s families and friends recommend for quality and affordable DSTV installations.

Call us today for the best DSTV installation service providers in town, we are happy to help you!